Uh oh, hello?

Hey there, looks like you found my website! I made most of it for my IT homework. By the way, SwiftLang sucks... Use Objective-C.

I'm ArtikusHG, a 15 years old (mainly) iOS developer, hobbyist beatmaker and rapper. This website is pretty much useless since there's not really much info about me on here, but it still exists.

Projects & stuff


NeonBoard is an iOS theming engine I started as a fun side project... it ended up becoming a fully fledged tweak. It can theme icons on the whole SpringBoard, supports icon masks and doesn't waste battery. There's also some nice small customizations that I won't mention here; get it yourself and see.

Lime Installer

Lime Installer is an upcoming APT package manager frontend application for jailbroken iOS devices being developed by a team which I'm part of. Don't ask for an ETA, it might come out one day.


StopChillin' is a simple yet useful tweak that tells you you're using your phone way too much. Don't tell me it's a copy of screen time, cause it's different. It sends a notification every <specified time>, and the notification is 100% customizable.

My social media & other links

I put my most important info & projects here, but it's not everything. If you want more, take a look at my social media.